Draft Agenda published for the XLP Research Trust Sympsoium 2018  Posted August 20, 2018

Delighted to announce that we have published a draft agenda for this forthcoming symposium. Please click here for info.

The XLP Research Trust 2018 Symposium Update.  Posted July 04, 2018

We are pleased to confirm that we have have 12 speakers for our XLP1 and XIAP symposium in October. Please check out the draft agenda.

Launch - XLP Research Trust Symposium 2018  Posted February 27, 2018

This symposium for researchers and clinicians will be on the 29th October in Central London. This will be our 5th bi-annual symposium and a key meeting for all working on XLP1 and XIAP. For more details click here.

Website Upgrade  Posted September 04, 2017

We're pleased to have our new web site up and running. It was designed and developed by Will Law. Let us know what you think!