Medical Research

One of the key XLP Research Trust's core objective is to…

Fund the highest quality international research into the cause, inheritance, diagnosis, treatment and management of XLP and to develop a cure for these genetic disorders.

Grant Awards

When funds allow, we have an open call for applications for research funding. For a small charity this is quite an undertaking - so please bear with us whilst we raise the necessary money.

Research Symposiums

We've found these biennial events to be key to disseminate the very latest research on XLP1 and XIAP and to encourage collaboration. We are planning to hold the next research symposium in the autumn of 2024; the C19 pandemic had an impact of restricting research during the various lock downs - holding back XLP (and other) medical research. Please click on the symposium tab (above) for more information and to see the agendas from previous symposiums.